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If you are looking at this website, you are probably an injured person looking for a lawyer in the greater Sacramento area. We understand that suffering an injury can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. Perhaps you thought of yourself as the type of person that would “never file a lawsuit.” However, when medical bills start piling up, your injury keeps you off work, and your injury begins to interfere with your life, you may need a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer to fight for your full and fair compensation.

Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Many people assume that when they are injured, the insurance company will pay them back a fair settlement for their injuries, bills, and time off work. Wrong! The insurance company’s goal is to keep as much money as possible. Many clients complain of aggressive or “low ball” tactics to either deny coverage or settle a claim for far less than its worth. Since consultations at The Law Office of Michael R. Loewen are always free, you should always speak to a lawyer before you consider settling your claim.

Why Choose The Law Office of Michael R. Loewen?

We Are a Personal Injury Law Firm

At the Law Office of Michael R. Loewen, we practice almost entirely plaintiff’s personal injury law. This means we have experience with all kinds of personal injury lawsuits, from car, motorcycle, and truck crashes, to boating accidents, ATV accidents, spine injuries, brain injuries, eye injuries, wrongful death, and more.

We Have Over 30 Years of Experience

We have been practicing personal injury law for over 30 years. Michael Loewen started his career working as a defense lawyer for the insurance companies. He learned the ins and outs of the complex claims process. Eventually, he found more satisfaction in helping people who have been injured instead of working for the faceless insurance companies. Nevertheless, Mr. Loewen brought with him a wealth of experience in dealing with insurance companies that he uses to successfully settle cases for maximum compensation.

We Have the Resources You Need for a Successful Case

At The Law Office of Michael R. Loewen, we have the resources you need to try and win cases. We have relationships with private investigators, accident re-constructionists, bio-mechanists, expert engineers, and more. In addition, we understand that your health is your most important asset. We can help you find world-class doctors to heal your injuries, whether or not you have insurance.

We Go to Trial, and We Like It

Not all lawyers go to trial. At The Law Office of Michael R. Loewen, we are ready and willing to take cases all the way, even if that means trial. You don’t want to sign up with a lawyer that is going to send you away as soon as the going gets tough.

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